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The Vehicle & Operator Services Agency has sanctioned the use of Automated "one man" MOT testing.

The UK M.O.T. test has come into line with Europe. One-man or single operator testing is now legal with the correct equipment. Automated Test Lanes (ATL) are available here now, enabling Mot stations to apply for one-person unassisted test status - this not only increases the profitabilty of each MOT test, it releases the former assistant to be getting on with other repairs or servicing - thus earning your business added income with no extra staffing cost.

Extended Maintenance intervals on modern vehicles have reduced the potential for profit from frequent car & van services.
A Class 4 or Class 7 automated MOT test lane is not just for MOT test stations, they are also excellent for pre-MOT work and as an automated SAFETY test bay for finding & high-lighting minor deficiencies in brake, steering & suspension systems.

The printed documentary evidence from the safety test lane could help convince a customer to have the faults corrected, a further pass through the test lane after your remedial work will produce evidence of the problem solved, leaving the customer with a feeling of money well spent on the safety of their family car.

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