Automated Test Lanes
MOT Automated Test Lanes

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Automated Test Lanes

                                    NEW  ATL TEST LANES                  as at August 2011

Class 4 Automatic MOT Test Lanes - 

1. Class IV MOT with 4 Post Lift nett
3. Class IV MOT with Scissor Lift nett
5. Class IV MOT Pit.. nett
7. MOT Accessories Pack- signs, mot tools, tapley etc

. Gas and Diesel Analyser:   

      (A) Used - 4 Gas                                                  from
nett       995
      (B) Used - Diesel                                                 from
    Note: All updates and calibration will be Added as Extra to above nett price.
      (C) Reconditioned - Bosch Combined Gas & Diesel
             Analyser including Updates & Calibration.
      (D) New - Bosch Combined Gas & Diesel Analyser
             including Updates & Calibration with standard
             Bluetooth RPM and Oil Temperature.
9. All Delivery & Installation, Calibration will be confirmed at Confirmation
    of Order.
10. All Prices Plus VAT at 20%

11. We accept Payment by Cheque, Direct Debit Card &
       Credit Card (Charges Apply)

12. Low Deposit Lease Terms will be Quoted on Request

Euro System Control console for automated MOT test lane.

Fully automatic MOT test bay procedure with operator guidance & computer application
for user-friendly operation.

Typical Modular Eurosystem Vosa MOT test bay set up
Typical Modular test lane

    • Each floor group has its own control module as a programmable electronic unit.
    • All control modules of the connected floor groups and external devices and console are connected.
    • Modular technology assures trouble-free adaption and / or retro-fitting of any number of devices.
    • Central data management reduces the possibility of errors.
    • Time-saving 'one-time only' input of customer information and vehicle data.
    • History of all relevant measurements and test data as well as target / actual documentation.
    • Networking of test equipment with other workshop systems through 'asanetwork' e.g. commercial software,
      time recording, spare part procurement etc.

4 post 4.8m carlift
Carlift 4.8m 4 post lift
DUO 3.5 ton scissor lift
DUO 3.5 ton scissor lift

ZS square underfloor car lift.
ZS Square underfloor lift

Lite 1.1 Beam Tester
Lite 1.1 Beamtester


Full foundation plans will be supplied for your chosen options, our engineers will then install your new automated test lane to your prepared site. click to view a typical foundation drawing.